con::cube V3

con::cube – a compact, versatile terminal for data acquisition and station control. Newest processor technology and very flexible options for interfacing to SCADA or any central database systems makes the con::cube in combination with moni::tool a powerful terminal for compact station control.

  • s::can high-end IoT (Internet of Things) terminal based on an industrial PC, IP65
  • wide screen color graphical display (9”) and touch screen
  • highly intuitive use, informative visualization & easy operation: time series, optical spectra and all events in clear text
  • sensor and station management of up to 64 parameters: automatic cleaning, data logging, sample & calibration incl. history and multipoint calibration, sensor function check, user management, easy data transfer via USB-stick
  • low power operation with less than 3 watt (@ 15 min. measuring interval): wide range AC and DC variants available
  • IoT (Internet of Things) and M2M (Machine to Machine) connectivity: 1 Gb/s Ethernet, 300 Mb/s Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n and optional worldwide HSPA+ 3G interface, remote control (http), data transfer into cloud via FTP, SSH and TML
  • process interface to SCADA via: Modbus RTU/TCP, SDI-12, Profibus DP, analog 0/4-20mA and relay outputs (state)
  • integration of third party sensors via: analog 0/4-20 mA and digital (solid state) inputs, Modbus RTU/TCP
  • easily extendable: 8 slots to customize I/Os, moni::tool software pre-installed, additional software features like online data validation and event detection optional


moni::tool is a revolutionary new platform for the management of an almost unlimited number of stations, online probes, analyzers and parameters. Intuitive operation – on site or remote – and reams of valuable features make moni::tool essential for state of the art sensor and station management.


vali::tool automatically detects, marks and (optionally) corrects untrustworthy data, it detects outliers, noise and checks for discontinuous data. It ensures only high quality data are fed into the event detection module. It also provides the user with indications on sensor maintenance requirements, as well as automatic detection of malfunctions.

  • Provides self-adaptive, self-controlled data validation in real time
  • Ensures both sensitive and reliable alarm limits respectively setpoints for process control
  • Analyzes noise, outliers and other combinations in real time to reliably detect any malfunction at an early stage
  • Considers user interventions in real-time
  • Application-specific training period considers normal fluctuations of individual water matrix and typical process dynamics
  • Helps to dramatically reduce false alarm rates
  • Configurable auto-correction of data based on threshold, outlier and noise analysis


ana::tool identifies unknown and unusual conditions and enables operators to react in a timely manner to faults in the monitored system, determines normality of this data and triggers an alarm when a significant deviation from the norm is detected.

  • Best available Event Detection System
  • Affordable for everyone
  • Simple, easy to use and automatic
  • Unmatched event detection tools based on proven algorithms for real-time event detection that use data streams from all connected probes separately and in combination
  • ana::tool is optimized for use of multi-dimensional spectral data, but will also work with single or multiple one-dimensional inputs
  • Applies a variety of algorithms during real-time analysis of data and automatically weights the results as appropriate. So far the only one commercial software package that was tested and found suitable by US-EPA water security division
  • Trains itself on any type of data streams coming in, and will learn automatically which data are useful for event detection, and which ones not
  • Configurable auto-correction of data based on threshold, outlier and noise analysis


The terminal con::lyte displays the readings of all s::can probes & sensors connected on site via backlight LCD. Seven push buttons are available to ensure operation and changing of settings via software, which is optimised in respect of user-friendly operation and operational safety.

  • s::can low-cost terminal designed for control applications
  • power efficient LCD display and ergonomic user interface
  • sensor and station management of up to 2 (eco) or 6 (pro) parameters
  • control of automatic cleaning, data logging, sample & calibration, sensor function check and easy data transfer via USB-stick
  • process interface to SCADA or con::cube via Modbus RTU, Profibus DP, analog 4-20 mA and relay outputs (state/PWM/Pulse)
  • integration of third-party sensors via analog 0/4-20 mA input and digital (solid state/count) inputs
  • outstanding control features: easy threshold and alarm limits with hysteresis, 3 optional PID or 2-point controllers
  • certifications: CE, UL, CSA and RCM


Intuitive web interface for data visualization and configuration of the spectro::lyser V3.

  • View all your data at a glance on your mobile device
  • Io::Tool visualizes measurement data, time series, fingerprints and status information
  • Configure your spectro::lyser, install new parameters, and perform calibrations


visu::tool is a fast and easy-to-use data visualization software for PCs and notebooks. In 3 simple steps you can visualize huge amounts of data from con::cube or con::lyte into single or multiple graphs. The visu::tool “lyte” version is available for free download. The advanced visu::tool “pro” version includes a vast amount of additional useful offline features such as data aggregation, fingerprint plots, parameter correlation and is now available for sale.

  • Read s::can files (.log, .par, .csv, .xlsx and .fp files)
  • Graphical user interface for parameter selection
  • Plot selected parameter or fingerprint data coming from your s::can probe
  • Save data as Excel
  • Create customized reports (sensor health report, drift detection, event detection) 

con::nect V3

Power supply for the spectro::lyser V3. Connect to the spectro::lyser via Bluetooth or WLAN and use the user-friendly webinterface Io::Tool for probe configuration and data visualization.

  • s::can connection device for one spectrometer V3 probe and one cleaning device
  • expand con::cube/con::lyte sensors networks (longer distances and higher number of sensors)
  • operation of one s::can spectrometer V3 probe
  • RJ45 connector for wired network access


For operating the spectro::lyser™, an commercial computer/notebook can be used. In this case the interface box con::nect connects the probe to the computer/notebook, to the supply of compressed air and to the power supply. This way, your computer/notebook is transformed into a terminal for the spectro::lyser™.

  •  s::can power supply including interface functionality 
  •  operation of one s::can spectrometer probe and s::can sensor / ISE probe
  • USB interface to PC/notebook
  • RS485 interface to SCADA (modbusRTU integrated, profibusDP optional)
  • essential for cable lengths over 37.5m (repeater functionality)
  • control of cleaning valve
  • power supply 12 VDC and 230 VAC or 24 VDC